We are The Asociacion Peruanos Unidos, Inc (with 501 C3) a non-profit organization devoted to social, economic and cultural activities to preserve Peruvian Culture and support children and adults in need who reside in Peru. We are formed by Peruvians,  friends and relatives, spouses of Peruvians, friends from other countries. Our members are of Latin-American and American origin and their children.

Our mission includes to develop activities and programs to benefit children and adults that live in Peru. We accept tax-exempted donations.

In the 1990s, a group of Peruvians families living in cities of the Merrimack River Valley, North-East of Boston, wanted to share friendship and promote our culture, customs, and values. They formed the APU in 1994, with the leadership of Ms. Leonor Sánchez, as the President of the first Committee.


This is how we started!

In the Committee were: Sabino and Victoria Bolivar, Cesar and Maria Camargo, Juan and Nora Torres, Adriana Recchia (Bolivia), Nelson Quintero (Puerto Rico), Carmen Southgate, and Higinio and Angela Gonzalez.

The goal of this first group’s activity was to participate, as an organized grass-root organization, in the Summer Latino Festival, organized by the Cultural Council of Lawrence, presenting the Peruvian Night (Noche Peruana.) Peruvian Nights have always been remarkably successful, always started the week of the Latino Festival of the City of Lawrence on the second Sunday of the month of June every year. They have been attended by lots of people of all nationalities in the area, the Peruvian queen, the queens of the Festival, queens of other countries, local authorities, and the public. The entrance is free, Peruvian cuisine dishes and beverages are available, as well as crafts and artistic products.

With the help of Leonor and Paola Mc Donough scores of young dancers have learned to practice and perform the national Peruvian dances including the Marinera, the tondero, festejo and vals from the Coast; the Huaylas, Valicha and Saya from the Sierra, and the tangarara from the tropical forest or Selva.  Children of Peruvian-American families have participated as dancers and/or queens along the years as: Rebecca Camargo, Cindy Quispe, Magda Ramirez, Lucia Arevalo, Nora Gosselin. Also Matthew Middleton, Catalina Camargo, Sophia Ruiz and Joseph Battisteli with Tatiana Obeso, Peruvian professional dance instructor, also featured with dances.

The group acquired the status of non-profit organization, NGO with 501 C-3 registration, in 2002, with the a meaningful mission, not only limited to social and cultural activities in our area of Massachusetts, but also with the goal of serving our country, where we work to create, support and develop initiatives (missions) in several areas of Peru, as well as to show practical solidarity with persons or communities in distress, due to disease or natural calamities, as accidents, earthquakes, or endemic poverty and poor resources for daily sustenance, education, health and shelter. For example, activities and collections were done to donate to Cañete in Ica, Peru, and Haiti after their devastating earthquakes.


Some important actions of the group included:

  • The background stage for the Peruvian Night that was made by 30 children.
  • The Dance Group of APU that had presentations in festivals in Boston, Lowell, Haverhill and Manchester.
  • 1st Award in the Hispanic Week Parade
  •  Successful careers of dancers: Themistocles Devers and Belen Pereyra.
  •  Presentations of outstanding music groups as Inca Son, Inca’s Huasi and Son del Sol
  •  Special presentations in the Museum of Peabody and Philips Academy.

Past presidents of APU were: Leonor Sanchez, Félix Ramirez, Roberto Chuica, and Ronald Ruiz.

Presently APUs directory members are Dr. Miguel F. Cabrera, President; Leonor Sanchez, Treasurer; Judith Middleton, Secretary; Flor M Cabrera, Vice-President; and Félix Ramirez, Vocal.

APU’s projects include: Mission in Sicuani, Cusco; support to a microcredit program in Piura, and the Workshop of Reading Creativity and Values in Piura with children peripheral urban developments (Pueblos Jovenes) in Piura.

A project is being developed to provide scholarships to students of Holy Cross University, Worcester, to volunteer in APUs activities and travel to participate in our missions in Peru. Initial contacts are being made with the Middlesex Community College in Lowell for the next trip of their nursing students to Peru, to visit and work in one of the cities linked to APU.

APU is an ideal non-profit NGO for volunteer participation of graduate students seeking to develop curriculum vitae for future professional developments.

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