APU Asociacion Peruanos Unidos, Merrimack Valley, MA, has a new Board. The Swearing-in ceremony took place on August 30 in the Gonzalez-Chuica home, 125 Prospect St Lawrence, MA. Roberto and Cristina welcomed members and their families. The new Board are were sworn in by Miguel F Cabrera, now past-president. They are: President: Doctor Erick Huarcaya Vice-President: Ronald Ruiz Tesorera: Irene Paglieroni Secretaria: Carolina Felipa Vocal: Ana Camargo Vocal: Consuelo Graffeo Congratulations to the new Board. APU members and friends wish them a productive year ahead, representing the affairs of the Peruvian people in the Merrimack Valley, promoting our art, culture, folk dance, language, gastronomy in the State of Massachusetts and else. The accompanying parte was called “The first Pisco Party”. Felicitaciones a la nueva directiva deseandoles un año de trabajo exitoso representando y promoviendo nuestro arte,cultura,musica,bailes folkl;oricos y gastronomia Peruana en el estado de Massachussets y por que no en otos estados, Fiesta Pisco[
The new Board has held planning meetings for the new areas of activity development of APU that include: Lessons in Spanish, Lesson in Peruvian dance, Gastronomy classes, participation in the Feast on San Martin de Porras, Classes in Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion for the Community, and more, in the coming months
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